About Me

Born in a small village called Rolvenden in the borough of Ashford in Kent, went to the local primary school, Rolvenden County Primary School and then secondary school, which was Homewood School in Tenterden.
Hell bent on being a DJ I left without any qualifications to take on an apprenticeship as an electrician; going on day release to Hastings College of further education, (There was a sea, something Ashford hasn’t got) but started doing disco’s where ever I could.

Ever since I was a young lad back in the 1960’s I have had a keen interest in music. In fact my first recollection of music was in 1958 when the midwife whilst looking after my Mother when she was giving birth to my brother;  kept me quiet and unaware of the turmoil going on upstairs by putting Charlie Drake and Volare on full pelt on the radiogram.

Other early musical memories include watching the Beatles, Dave Clark Five and many other 60’s artists and groups on the black and white television sitting in the corner of the room. Programmes included Ready Steady Go! with Cathy McGowan who was probably one of my first childhood loves and Keith Fordyce, who wasn’t.

I spent the early sixties thinking I was a Beatle, they could do no wrong in my eyes and I remember my Mum saying after each new Beatles release “I don’t know how they can better that one” but they did, time after time.

A group of us “young’uns” used to get on to the top of Mrs Waters’ coal bunker, which was our stage, and using brooms or bits of wood for guitars and some old tin drums from a building site for drums and play and sing (In our minds it was) Beatles numbers. Mrs Waters must have been so patient.

The first 45rpm record I ever bought with my own money saved up from gifts, birthdays etc was The Beatles double A Side We can work it out / Day Tripper. My Grandfather went to Tenterden to buy it for me as we didn’t have a car, when he returned he said “They didn’t have that so I got the Rolling Stones Little Red Rooster instead” when he spotted a tear rolling down my cheek he handed me the Beatles record, he was only kidding. As the 60’s rolled on I got more in to the physcodelic era, music I still love to this day.

The 70’s Brought on the Glam Rock era, I was really in to Glam, among the first bands I saw were Nazareth, the first major band I saw was Emerson, Lake and Palmer the prog rock supergroup of the 70s. I could go on for pages about my musical experiences and the bands I’ve seen but I won’t bore you all with that as each one has its own little tales. Suffice it to say Music has been the most important influence in my life, it always has been and always will be my first love.

I have been so lucky seeing many of the planet’s major bands and now I get to play them on the radio which is where I so wanted to be back in the 70’s, now I’m here I’m going to make the most of it. Incidentally my first experience of Radio broadcasting was back in the 70’s on London’s Capital Radio back when Kenny Everett, Dave Cash and Michael Aspel were some of the DJ’s on the station. It was on a show called “Night Flight, it aired from 1am to 4am in the morning, I guess we all had to start somewhere.

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