Retirement Blog

26th October 2020

It looks like I’m going to be back on the radio during the day again for a few days. 107.1fm Radio Ashford Daytimes from 28th till 30th October 10am to 2pm. Join me if you can.

22nd October 2020

Four weeks in to this retirement lark and I thought I had better put something here.
When I stood down from Hometime (25th September 2020) I had a list of jobs to do, well I am pleased to report that the list now only contains one item to do, although several have been added to the original list as I seem to have developed a liking to looking for things to fix.

Firstly lets deal with the one I haven’t done yet. I have two grave flower vases, the idea was to mark two unmarked graves, one is the grave of my Great Step Grandad and my Great Grand mother (Thomas Alfred Coveney & Kate Coveney formerly Kate Brown nee Bryant) They are both buried in a double grave in Rolvenden Church yard and as the family had little money back in the Sixties the grave has been left as it was.
The other is the grave of Private Robert J Bliss who; if you read his story elsewhere on this site, had a very sad life basically from start to end, again buried in Rolvenden Church yard.
After thinking about it I decided to do something a little better than just dig a hole and drop in a plastic vase to mark their graves.

So, now I am making two wooden blocks around a foot square in which I will drill a large enough hole to tightly hold the vases, get some brass plagues engraved and screw them to the wooden base so that anyone walking by will not just see a plastic vase, but will be able to see who’s graves they are. I am currently thinking on how to fix these things to the ground once I have made them, they will be pretty solid and of good weight, but gluing them to the grass doesn’t seem like a good ideas, so a system of spikes needs to be designed and added.

Jobs I have completed include paint the inside of a cupboard door that seemed to go dull for some reason, putting new mastic around the kitchen worktops. Fitting a new set of bath taps to the main bathroom.
I have had a good clear out of both mancaves, the shed and garage and done a couple of tip runs, also rearranged the garage, painted the inside and added some more electrical sockets.

Still sorting out stuff from Dad’s estate, got to say just because I can that all the agents, services and anyone else I have had to deal with during this period has been wonderful, with the exception of Ashford Borough Council, why do they make things so complicated?
We have had a few days out on the spur of the moment type trips, last Thursday (15th October) at 14:30 we decided to go down to Dungeness, why? because we can now. From there we went in to Lydd airport, I haven’t been in there for years, in fact the last time I was there they were still loading cars onto old Bristol freighters when it was Silver City airways and the airport was called Ferryfield.
I have also done a lot of pottering around the garden when the weather has allowed and have a few projects for that in the planning stages too.

On Sunday 11th October we went to Folkestone and had a lovely walk along the Leas reminiscing about all the bands I had seen in the Leas cliff hall over the years, all the famous faces that had adorned that place.
We spent some time at the top of the road of remembrance, I was looking for a name on the memorial who is distantly related to a second cousin of mine, found it.
Then the day turned badly, we went to Primark, well I say we, Sue spent some time in there, I just went in straight to the jumper counter bought three jumpers as I believe winter is coming, then I went and sat in a coffee shop and waited for her return.

I still haven’t quite adjusted to getting up in the morning and not having to be somewhere and answer to someone, I must say I am so far really enjoying that.
I have in the background been doing a few IT projects for Radio Ashford, the fruits of which will become apparent in due course.
Anyway, if you have reached this point, well done, I’ll wrap it up for now, lots of other stuff has been done and visited but I thought I would make a start.
Ta Ta for now.