WW1 Family Research

The Research document covers:

L/7824 Pte George Brown – Great Grandad on my mothers side

53655 Pte Robert J Bliss – My Grans brother

4764/65894 Pte Thomas A Coveney – My Step Great Grandad on mothers side

T/207401 Sgt Arthur Monk – Great Grandad on my fathers side

2049 Pte Robert James Bliss Snr – Great Grandad on my mothers side (Sudan 1884)

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This document includes more information on his whole life not included in the above document.
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I do not claim to own copyrights to all of its content, some of it I own but a lot of it I have gleamed and found during months of research on the Internet and writing to various groups and people.
It is not complete, I continue to search, scour and look for more as records become available, but many have been lost or destroyed over the years.
Special thanks to the Canadian Library & Archives website where you can get all information free of charge.
Bad vibes to the British resources where every corner you turn they charge you.
Thanks also to Fegan’s homes for their help with finding information on Robert J Bliss

Errors and omissions – please let me know.